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Vision, Mission, & Objective

Vision Statement

The vision of Helderberg Primary School is to excel in helping learners to develop well-rounded Christian characters through quality education, equipping them for this life and preparing them for the life to come.

Mission Statement

At Helderberg Primary School, where the Bible is our guide, we learn to think, to read and to serve. We make time for each other, but most of all we pray to God, our best Friend.


The teachers encourage learners to be truthful, obedient, loyal, pure, to do what is right, even though no one is watching and to respect and honour Jesus.

  • The teachers love Jesus and try to follow in His footsteps.
  • We treat everyone and what they believe in with respect.
  • Learners learn to think for themselves, to look after their bodies, to care for others and to love God.
  • Teachers and parents work together to help each learner to become the best person they can be.
  • Learners are encouraged to help others around them.