Helderberg Primary School

Policy on Charges

A letter will be issued each year with the current school fee structure. Fees are payable over 11 periods, from January to November.

School accounts are payable in advance. Accounts will be sent home with the learner* towards the end of each month. Payment by cash, cheque or internet-banking is due before the 7th working day of the appropriate month (i.e. Period #2 due by the 7th February; Period #3 due by the 7th March etc). The monthly payment of school fees by means of a debit order is encouraged. Please contact the office for assistance in this regard.

Interest at 2% per month will be charged on accounts not settled within 60 days. Accounts which are not kept up-to-date will result in the learner’s report card being withheld at the end of the term. Parents who have not settled the previous term’s fees by the beginning of the new term will not qualify to have their child/ren return to school until the account has been settled. Parents who contravene this rule will be contacted and will be required to collect their children immediately. Helderberg Primary School will furthermore not be held responsible for these learners until such time as the account is settled.

If accounts have not been settled in full by the end of the year, parents will be asked to withdraw their children.

A discount, when there is more than one child attending from the same home, is applicable.

Early payment: when accounts are paid in full for the year or half year, within the FIRST 2 WEEKS of school opening, a discount will be allowed.

Due to the prevailing uncertainty of economic conditions, all charges listed may be changed, by action of the School Board, with a minimum of one month’s notice.

In the case of the planned withdrawal of a learner, one month’s notice is required. Failing to give notice, the parent will be liable for that month’s fees.

A non-refundable application/ registration fee will be charged for every application to the school.

Should any issued textbooks, reading books or modules be damaged or lost, the parent will be notified and the replacement value debited to the learner’s account. This will also apply to the loss of library books.
* A learner is defined as a child registered at Helderberg Primary School, who abides by the School’s Code of Conduct, and whose school fees are not in arrears.


The School Fees will be supplied upon request.

The school fees for the year are divided into 11 monthly payments. No payment is therefore due in December.

School fees are payable one month in advance.


Discount available:
– 7.5% discount if school fees are paid in full for the year.
– 5% discount if school fees are paid half yearly.

Accounts not settled within 60 days will be charged interest at 2% per month.

The first monthly statement will be sent out within the first two weeks of school and will reflect the following information:
– School Fees for Period #1 (January) which SHOULD reflect a Nil balance (pre-paid – first day of school).
– School Fees for Period #2 (February).