Helderberg Primary School


Unacceptable language and fighting or bullying in all its forms will not be tolerated.
Radios, MP3 players, CD players, Ipods or any object e.g. knives, firearms, which could cause harm to another learner, may not be brought on to the school premises.
Alcohol, cigarettes and drugs may not be used by any learner, neither in any public place when the learner is in school uniform.
Any form of pornography, be it an object, book, magazine or DVD showing indecent exposure, is prohibited.
The front door is out of bounds for learners.
Should learners need to see the secretary or principal they should wait in the foyer until they are invited in.
Learners will be expected to pay for the replacement of property broken or damaged by them.
The school and educators are committed to maintaining discipline, using means that fall within the legal regulations. A disciplinary record will be kept, indicating problems which may arise. If necessary a form will be presented to relevant parents so that they are made aware of problems and become important role players in solving these problems.
When punishment such as detention is given, attendance is compulsory and parents must support the school in this connection.


In addition to the teaching facilities at the Primary School, the school also has access to the following College facilities:

(021) 850 7500

Swimming Pool and Tennis Courts

During school time these facilities are available for instruction purposes. Should parents or children wish to use the gymnasium, swimming pool or tennis courts after hours, permission must be obtained from the College.

Curriculum Rules

One period of Bible instruction is presented to each class every day. All learners are required to participate in these classes.
Homework is given every day for consolidation purposes. Parents’ support and involvement is required.
Each class test needs to be signed by parents.
A system making use of modules along with a textbook, and additional information sources, is the form of instruction used in our school.
Examinations are written by the grades 4 to 7 classes in the second and fourth term, whereas a test week is scheduled for the above grades during the third term. In the Foundation Phase, continuous assessment takes place.

School Attendance

Learners must learn that a tardy way of life is NOT acceptable. Repeated late-coming in the mornings will therefore be punished. Four (4) incidences of tardiness per term will result in the learner being placed in detention.
Regular school attendance is required by law and should parents wish to keep a child out of school for holiday purposes, the parent will be responsible both for the absence, and for the work that has been missed. Even though the principal cannot give permission for learners being absent, it is nevertheless courteous to submit written notification of your intentions.
It is earnestly requested that dental and medical appointments during school hours be avoided wherever possible. If this cannot be done, a letter should be sent to the principal at least one day prior to the event.

School Hours

Starts : 07h30
Monday to Thursday: 07h30 – 14h15
(Break 10h00 – 10h20 and 13h00 to 13h15)
Friday: 13h00
(First Break : 10h00 – 10h20)

ASSEMBLY : Every Monday from 07h30 – 08h00

Parents are always welcome to join us.

School Closes : 11h00 (Last day of each term)

School Rules and Personal Hygiene

Learners must take great care of all books and equipment issued to them on loan. Parents will be required to pay for lost textbooks, modules or library books.
All exercise and textbooks must be covered.
Satchels should be sturdy with an interior box. Rucksacks are not permitted as they damage books. Satchels are to preferably be dark in colour.
The use of Tipp-ex in school is strictly prohibited.
Learners must wear full and correct school uniform at all times.
Uniform must always be clean and tidy.
Jewellery is not to be worn to school.
Finger nails must always be clean and short; painted nails will not be permitted.
Plain studs may only be worn by girls for the duration of the healing process of the ears. The use of studs thereafter is discouraged.
All items of clothing, towels, tog bags, pencil boxes, stationery and lunch boxes are to be clearly marked.
Learners are responsible for collecting their property from the lost property box.
Unclaimed lost property will be held for a term and then be sold as second hand uniforms.

On P T days during summer, Grade 1 and 2 learners may come to school in P T uniform.
Black school shoes are to be worn with school uniform – NO TACKIES! The exception to this is the Foundation Phase learners who must wear white socks and black, white or blue tackies with their winter uniform, on P T days.
Grades 3 to 7 learners bring P T uniform to school and change for P T.
All learners must wear black, white or blue tackies during P T periods.
Except for the day of swimming in the gala, learners are permitted to wear the school’s blue shorts over their costumes for other swimming appointments.

Learners who become sick at school will be given temporary care.
Parents will be contacted where the sickness is deemed to be more than a passing minor problem.
In case of an accident of a serious nature, parents will be contacted immediately.
Basic First Aid will be administered to minor cuts, abrasions, etc. at school.
No oral medication will be issued to any learner.
If felt necessary, parents may send a headache tablet, throat lozenge and something for nausea. It is ideal to place this in a small, sealed container.


Girls’ hair is to be neatly and conventionally cut.
When hair touches the shoulders, it should be plaited or tied back.
Only white, black or blue (colour of uniform) hair elastics or headbands may be worn.
No coloured braids may be interwoven with other braids.
Hair must be fastened back, keeping all hair out of the face.
No learner is allowed to have tinted hair or highlights in their hair.
No gel may be applied to the hair.


Boys’ hair must be neatly and conventionally cut.
The back is to be cut so that there is a distinct gap between hair and collar.
Boys’ hair must be layered gradually from the crown of the head to the neck – no “steps” allowed.
No learner is allowed to have tinted hair or highlights in their hair.
At sides, hair may not touch or cover the ears.
The fringe may not touch the eyebrows.
No gel may be applied to the hair.

Learners must conduct themselves in such a manner as to bring credit to themselves, their families and their school.
Learners are at all times to respectfully greet an educator, using the educator’s name. All visitors are to be greeted with a “Good Morning, Ma’am / Sir”.
Class stands when an adult enters the classroom.
The classrooms are out of bounds before school, during breaks and after school unless learners have permission from an educator.
During rainy weather, learners are permitted to be in the corridor outside their classroom before school, during break times and after school.
In the passages learners must walk in single file, keep to the left, no running, no eating, no talking.
Do not litter – keep our school clean and tidy. No chewing gum to be chewed anywhere on the school premises or whenever a learner is wearing their school uniform.
Cloakrooms to be kept clean and hygienic. NO writing on walls.
Willful damage to the school buildings, furniture or amenities is an offence. Any accident (no matter how slight) must be reported to the office. Parents will be held liable for repairs.
No cycling is permitted on the school grounds. Dismount and push your bicycle to the stands. Consideration is to be shown to pedestrians. Skateboards, j-boards, roller blades and roller skates are not to be brought to school or used on the school grounds.
Children are not permitted to use the office telephone. Messages for learners must be items of utmost importance and will be conveyed by the secretary (public telephone available for learners’ use).
Trading of any form on school premises is strictly forbidden.
Valuable items or items of sentimental value should on no account be brought to school. The Primary School will not accept responsibility for damage to or theft of these items.

Cell phones may be brought to school for safety purposes.
All cell phones are to be switched off during school hours, i.e. 07h30 to 13h00 or 14h00 (depending on the day).
Learners may retrieve their messages during break time. However, learners have a responsibility to switch off their phones after break.
On NO account may cell phones be placed on silent or vibrate mode; they need to be switched off.
No cell phone games may be played during school hours.
Cell phones may not be used to listen to music, either in the form of MP3 or radio. This applies to learners during school hours and also after school.
Helderberg Primary School will not be held liable for any damage to or theft of learners’ cell phones.
Learners who disregard the above rules will have their cell phones confiscated until the end of that particular term.

Do not send large amounts of cash with children – either pay such amounts yourself, send a cheque or do a direct deposit into the school’s bank account.

Various selected fundraising initiatives take place from time to time.
Learners are encouraged to support these initiatives, but door-to-door collecting by learners is strongly discouraged.

Please make these nutritious. Please mark lunch boxes with learner’s name. We have an astounding quantity of unclaimed lost property.

These should be signed by parents. This ensures that contact is maintained between parent and educator.

It is required that traffic move in a one-way circle around the school. To prevent congestion, children are to be dropped and collected on the top road and cars are not to stop on the down road or to drive on to the playground.
Parents are also requested to please drive very carefully on the top road and to be on the look-out for our children.

Primary School learners may use the pool during the swimming season.
Primary School learners under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent.

The school will not release any learner during school hours to any person, other than the parent, without a written letter from the parent

School Uniform

*(Obtainable from Ackermans, Woolworths or Jet Stores)

GIRLS – Summer

Light blue regulation dress. The belt must at all times be worn with the dress. When kneeling in an upright position, with the belt being worn, the dress’s hem must not be less than 7 cm from the floor.
White socks *
Black school shoes *
Blue V-neck jersey with school badge

GIRLS – Winter

Dark blue regulation tracksuit
Prescribed white golf shirt
Grey socks or grey/black stockings *
Black school shoes *
Blue V-neck jersey with school badge
Blue windbreaker with school badge
Optional : Navy blue (same navy blue as tracksuit) scarf and gloves

BOYS – Summer

Short grey trousers (grades 1 – 6). Long grey trousers (grade 7 only) *
Grade 6 boys may wear long grey trousers in the fourth term of the year. This only applies to grade six learners.
White short-sleeved shirt *
Grey socks *
Black school shoes *
Blue V-neck jersey with school badge

BOYS – Winter

Dark blue regulation tracksuit
Prescribed white golf shirt
Grey socks *
Black school shoes *
Blue V-neck jersey with school badge
Blue windbreaker with school badge
Optional : Navy blue (same navy blue as tracksuit) scarf and gloves


Prescribed white golf shirt
Prescribed dark blue shorts (girls shorts–skirt combo) or dark blue Tracksuit pants (order through the office)
Tackies *
Dark blue regulation tracksuit jacket
Grade 1 and 2 learners are permitted to come to school in PT clothes on their PT days.
Swimwear (Regulation)
Girls – blue one piece costume plus swimming cap
Boys – blue costume plus swimming cap
Except for the day of swimming in the gala, learners are permitted to wear the school’s blue shorts over their costumes for other swimming appointments.

Helderberg Primary School holds three civvies days per year. These take place at the end of the first, second and third terms. Participation is voluntary and learners who do not participate will in no way be discriminated against.

To allow learners to wear ‘civvies’ is a privilege. It is still a normal school day and ALL learners who choose to wear civvies have to be dressed appropriately for school. This means that their clothes should be modest and conservatively styled.

Please adhere to the following prohibitions:
NO midriff may show at any time.
NO mini skirts.
NO open back or shoulders.
NO spaghetti straps.
NO revealing, low necklines.
NO jewellery.
NO make-up.
HAIR : The rules which apply for any normal school day also apply for Civvies Day, i.e.
BOYS – NO gel or hair cream.
GIRLS – Hair is to be tied back from face. The colour of hair accessories may vary, however.

Learners who fail to comply with the above regulations will forfeit their privilege to wear civvies.

Entrepreneurs’ Day Guidelines

Helderberg Primary School has three Entrepreneurs’ Days per year: one in the second term, organised by the grade four class, one in the third term, organised by the grade six class and one in the fourth term, organised by the grade two class. Learners are taught essential entrepreneurial skills during this exercise. Grades one, three, five and seven are also taught theoretical entrepreneurial skills.

Learners are required to purchase a trading licence from the school. This gives the learner the right to trade during Entrepreneurs’ Day. The school secretary will allocate to each learner who purchases a trading licence a specific table number. Entrepreneurs’ Day is either held on the field below the Primary School or on the quad at the entrance to the school. In the case of inclement weather, trading will take place in the passages and some of the classrooms of the school building. The school will provide each learner with one table (this is numbered) for the duration of Entrepreneurs’ Day. Some tables have shade and some have access to electricity. However, these are on a first-come-first-serve basis.

The Entrepreneurs’ Day Guideline Document will be sent home and signed by parents BEFORE Entrepreneurs’ Day.
The school janitor will remove the tables from the storage area in the morning. Learners may not enter the storage area. Learners will then carry the tables to the designated area where the event will take place.
The netball court may not be used by any learner for Entrepreneurs’ Day.
Tables must be cleaned afterwards.
It is the responsibility of learners to ensure that their tables are returned to the storage area at the conclusion of the function. Any learner who does not return his / her table to the storage area, will be penalised.
Learners are to ensure that all garbage is picked up and that the area is left clean and neat.
No meat products, livestock, unhealthy fizzy drinks, fire crackers, jewellery, prank items or toys that encourage violence, e.g. guns, knives or swords, may be sold; neither may any of these be used as prizes.
The safety of learners is always of utmost importance. Therefore, no skate-boards, motor cycles, paintball shooting or anything that may compromise the safety of learners and educators may be used during Entrepreneurs’ Day.
Raffles are not permitted.
Games on offer must contain no elements of violence or anything contravening the school rules.
For this to be a successful experience for each learner, it is important to ensure that there is no duplication of products sold. Learners need to inform the educator as to what they will sell and whoever is first with an idea will be the one to sell that product.
Fifty percent of each learner’s profit is retained and is collectively given to a community outreach project, which the class decides upon. The only exception to this is the grade six class, as the full profit is utilized for the grade six and seven camp, which takes place every second year. The full profit is retained by the school until the time of the camp. Should a learner leave the school before he / she has attended the camp, the amount held in trust by the school will be reimbursed to the learner.
In 2009 the school instituted a new award for a grade 6 learner who shows exceptional ability in Economic Management Sciences, especially with regard to the manner in which the learner prepares for their Entrepreneurs’ Day functions. The learner who receives this award will be presented with a floating trophy at Diploma Evening.