Helderberg Primary School

Opening Times
We are open from 13h00 to 18h00 on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and from 14h00 to 18h00 Tuesdays and Thursdays.
We are closed on Public Holidays and during the school holidays.

Fetching your Child
Fetch your child inside the Aftercare Centre.
Sign your child out EVERY DAY.
Collect or have your child collected only at the Aftercare Centre.
Please phone the Aftercare Centre should you be late (See “Fines” paragraph below).
Please introduce the people who will collect your child regularly to your child/ren’s supervisor.
Notify us, in writing or telephonically, should your child be absent.
Notify us, in writing or telephonically, should your child be collected by anybody other than those noted on the application form, e.g. birthday parties.

Study Time
Study time is between 15h00 and 16h00 from Monday to Thursday.
All children will need their own stationery for homework in study time.
Children are to do as much of their homework as possible during study time.
They will be encouraged to start before 15h00 if they have a lot of homework. Grade 3 to 7 learners may also continue after 16h00 should their homework not be completed.
Grade 1 to 3 supervisors will indicate the homework which has been completed, in the homework book.
The children are encouraged to keep themselves busy when they do not have homework.
Supervisors will only supervise homework; the responsibility ultimately lies with the parents.

The Aftercare Centre will only provide water, a fruit and / or biscuits. Meals must therefore be provided by parents.

Extra-Mural Activities
Written confirmation is needed of your child’s activities at the beginning of each term.
If these slips are not returned, we will not be responsible for children not attending activities.
No child will be sent to activities without this written confirmation.
Please notify the Aftercare Centre in writing of any changes or cancellations in your child’s activities.

The Aftercare Centre has the use of the College swimming pool during the summer terms. The children will be allowed to swim under adult supervision only.
Structured activities will be presented to the children after study time and on Friday afternoons.

Parents will be notified if their child is sick and will be requested to fetch them as soon as possible.
Any child not at school due to illness will not be permitted to come to the Aftercare Centre in the afternoon.

Lost Property
Parents are kindly requested to check their children’s bags before leaving the Aftercare Centre.
Clearly marked lost property will be returned to the child.
Unmarked lost property at the Aftercare Centre will be removed on a Monday and sent to the school’s lost property.

Change of Address and Telephone Numbers
Please notify the Aftercare Centre in writing of any changes in your address and telephone numbers.

Written Notice
One term’s written notice must be given if your child will be leaving the Aftercare Centre, regardless of whether your child is in Part-time or Full-time care.
One calendar month’s written notice must be given if you wish to change from Full Care to Part-time care and from Part-time to Full Care.

A fine will be levied for children collected after 18h00. A warning letter of future exclusion from attendance at the Aftercare Centre will be sent after the 3rd fine issued during the same year. Should your child/ren be collected after 18h00 again, your child/ren’s attendance at the Aftercare Centre will be terminated.
Fines 18h05 – 18h15 = R25.
R25 for every 15 minutes thereafter.
This will be doubled for two children, and tripled for three children.
Please be mindful of the fact that the Aftercare Centre Staff also have families and their interests and responsibilities as mothers need to be respected. Hence our arrangement regarding fines as a measure to prevent children being collected later than 18h00.
A R10 fine will be levied, should the Aftercare Centre have to make a telephone call to the parent to enquire as to the whereabouts of your child.
All fines will be ploughed back into the Aftercare Centre for the benefit of all the children.