Helderberg Primary School

Dress Code for Civvies Day

To allow learners to wear ‘civvies’ is a privilege. It is still a normal school day and ALL learners who choose to wear civvies have to be dressed appropriately for school. This means that their clothes should be modest and conservatively styled.

Please adhere to the following prohibitions:
NO midriff may show at any time.
NO mini skirts.
NO open back or shoulders.
NO spaghetti straps.
NO revealing, low necklines.
NO jewellery.
NO make-up.

HAIR : The rules which apply for any normal school day also apply for Civvies Day, i.e.
BOYS – NO gel or hair cream.
GIRLS – hair is to be tied back from face. – the colour of hair accessories may vary, however. Learners who fail to comply with the above regulations will forfeit their privilege to wear civvies.