Helderberg Primary School

Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones may be brought to school for safety purposes.

All cell phones are to be switched off during school hours, i.e. 07h30 to 13h00 or 14h00 (depending on the day).

Learners may retrieve their messages during break time. However, learners have a responsibility to switch off their phones after break.

On NO account may cell phones be placed on silent or vibrate mode; they need to be switched off.

No cell phone games may be played during school hours.

Cell phones may not be used to listen to music, either in the form of MP3 or radio. This applies to learners during school hours and also after school.

Helderberg Primary School will not be held liable for any damage to or theft of learners’ cell phones.

Learners who disregard the above rules will have their cell phone confiscated until the end of that particular term.